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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Yom Hazikaron

I've been trying to post all day, but Blogger doesn't like me again. Today is Yom Hazikaron, Israel's Memorial Day. There are a number of posts around the Blogosphere that describe the feeling of being in Israel today, and they certainly do a better job than I can even attempt at articulating what today is about. Just a quick few words though. I can't think about the many lives that have been lost in the struggle to allow Jews to live as Jews freely without tearing up. Imagining the many who stand proud of their heritage, whether they are "religious" or not makes a huge statement. I'm actually a bit embarrassed that I have not had teh opportunity to stand with them, and defend my right as well (but I know I'm not made of the stuff that one has to be made of to hold a gun). I hope one day to be commemorating this day from the land of my forefathers, standing alongside my fellow Jews, tall (okay, I'll never be tall, but you know what I mean) and proud to be Jewish. To remember all those people who have died because they are Jews serving their homeland, living in their homeland and protecting their homeland, the only place in the world that the really belong. Read these poignant posts about Yom Hazikaron: Levels of Indebtedness Yom HaZikaron The Siren's Wail Remembering


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