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Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekend in Baltimore

I had such a full, fun, wonderful weekend in Baltimore. It was a weekend filled with lots of old friends who are like family. It was so comfortable and happy and like old times. If only, like the song, I could "turn back time," but I know it's not quite that easy. But a weekend like this past one once in a while definitely is a nice way to infuse myself with happiness for a while. Friday night started out with a bang. Between kiddush and hamotzi, one of the guests at the meal had her water break! The next hour was a scramble of calling a cab, feeding the couple before they went to the hospital, getting some supplies together, having the cab not show up, taking their 2-year-old to his uncle's house, and everyone freaking out. Word came after Shabbos that all in the now slightly-bigger family are doing fine, and there were even pictures of the one who almost joined us on Onlysimchas this morning. Shabbos day I ate by my adopted family in Baltimore, whose daughter recently got engaged, and whose vort was the reason for my trip. The chosson was at the meal also so I finally got to meet him. He was friendly, funny and I can definitely see how the two of them hit it off. It was a nice "family" meal, like old times. After the meal, I walked over to where a friend of mine was staying and we sat and chatted and then went over to where we were eating our third meal. We used to spend virtually every Shabbos afternoon and havdalah at this apartment, and it was so nice to have a reunion. We ate, laughed, hugged and tickled the kids and just enjoyed ourselves. It was hard to leave once Shabbos was over. Sunday morning was a learning program which I really enjoyed. The speaker talked about placing the correct importance on spirituality even within the physical realm. Not only did I enjoy the shiur, but I also got to see quite a few friends there, it was really al lovely morning. I spent the afternoon visiting one friend after the other. It's so nice to catch up. I even got to visit my cat who was finally happy to see me and even allowed himself to purr for me. The weekend ended with the vort, which was beautiful and happy and I got to give lots of hugs to the kallah. All in all, a wonderful, beautiful weekend. It should keep me going until my next trip. I just have to add, as I am sitting here, still happy from my weekend, that I love my friends so much - they know me, they see me and they accept me for who I am. They really make my life so special. I am truly fortunate.


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