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Monday, February 27, 2006

A Rant

It's not fair. I was just chastised for the fact that I happen to have a busy life due to school and work. That I have certain hours that can't be touched because I am in class, and that I have to work on schoolwork at times when projects are due. I want a career that I care about. And I have to work hard right now to achieve that. I can't help that I have to work full-time in order to financially support myself - I don't have a choice about that. I don't have parents or others to help reduce the financial burden of paying for rent and bills. What I do have a choice about is whether I stay in a job that I hate for the rest of my life in order to give myself more free time to date. And honestly, I would rather have less free time to date now and be more fulfilled in the future. I am so sick of hearing about how women should cancel their plans for dates. How we should be ready and available when the guy has time. Why can't women have lives outside of dating and men? Why is it that when they do, they are labeled as not "wife" material? Why should I subdue my interests, my passions, my dreams, in order to catch a husband? I have worked for too long in jobs that I hate to give up my dreams. I want to be a wife and mother, but I don't know when that is going to happen, and I don't believe in waiting around until it does. And when I am a wife and mother, I don't see myself staying at home full-time, so doesn't it make sense for me to get the hard work, the most time-consuming part of it, out of the way now? I am very frustrated and irritated by the attitude that women have to be the ones to give up their dreams. I don't expect to put my career before my family when I have one, but I feel like right now is the best time for me to focus on paving the way for the career that I want, since I don't yet have a family. Sorry for the rant, but I am extremely annoyed at the moment.


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