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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Saying Goodbye To Yesterday

It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday Boyz II Men How do I say goodbye to what we had? The good times that made us laugh Outweigh the bad. I thought we'd get to see forever But forever's gone away It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. I don't know where this road Is going to lead All I know is where we've been And what we've been through. If we get to see tomorrow I hope it's worth all the wait It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. And I'll take with me the memories To be my sunshine after the rain It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. And I'll take with me the memories To be my sunshine after the rain It's so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. When I was in junior high, I loved Boyz II Men. As I go along in life, certain experiences conjure up memories of songs that left an impression on me, and this morning, the above song by Boyz II Men was ringing in my head. People come into our lives, and leave our lives. They make an imprint - the imprint can be good, or bad, but we should learn from them all. It's sometimes hard to say goodbye to someone who made such an imprint, but as the song says, while we can't always take people along with us, we can take the memories. When people leave us, it hurts. Sometimes this pain is a sweet sorrow - sweet because they taught you something along the way, they taught you about yourself, or themself, or about life. The sorrow is in saying goodbye, in knowing that you must move on without them. The important part is to search your soul for those lessons learned, to take the memories, to be your sunshine after the pain is gone. When saying goodbye, it sometimes feels hard to open up again, to let others in, whom you know might also leave at some point. But that's the journey of life. If we close ourselves off to everything and everyone, we can't learn these important lessons, we can't really live. So the goodbye, while painful, is worth it. So, while we sometimes have to say goodbye, and it can hurt and be hard to do, we have to move on, hold onto the memories, and the lessons we've learned. We have to open ourselves up again, to learn and grow more. And in time, the pain leaves us, and we are left with our sunshine after the rain.


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