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Monday, April 17, 2006

Tel Aviv Bombing "Legitimate"???

This article on Yahoo makes me want to scream. How anyone can legitimize, even to themselves, not to mention the entire world, that a fair response to Israel's "aggression" is to have someone walk into a public place, a food stand, full of innocent tourists, citizens, children and bystanders trying to enjoy a holiday and blow himself up, is completely beyond my comprehension. And to those who say that the Palestineans don't have enough people supporting them, here's another article about how they managed, in the wake of this attack, to pick up another $50 million in funds to help support their terrorist cause. Yes, I did say the "T" word. I can't consider any other word appropriate for such an attack. It seems legitimate to me. While I can honestly say that this news put a huge damper on my holiday, I can't even imagine what it has done for those affected. My thoughts are in Tel Aviv today...


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