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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Let the Appreciation Flow

A while back, Passionate Life wrote a post about "Non-Dating Related Words of Appreciation" that caused quite a stir among his commentors. He wrote a letter of appreciation to a woman he didn't feel he was compatible with dating-wise, but incredible nonetheless. He felt she deserved to hear kind words regardless of whether they were suitable for dating purposes, and unfortunately, the response was not incredibly positive. This morning when I checked my e-mail, I found I had two messages waiting on Frumster for me. When I logged in, I saw that both messages were from men who are much older than me (which happens on occasion, and I usually gently turn them down, as I am not comfortable dating someone whose age is significantly different from my own). But these two messages were different. They were not intended for dating purposes. They were both just to tell me they appreciated who I am, and to wish me a Chag Sameach. Instead of feeling let down, I have to say that the messages greatly uplifted my morning and gave me a great feeling. Here is what they wrote: The first message was: Greetings and Salutations to a Fine Jewish Southern Belle. Just a brief word to let you know that I thank you for being who you are. It gives me hope and inspiration to see that there is such a fine person like you amidst us nowadays. I believe what you wrote in your profile and I think it reflects that you were brought up with a great amount of love, acceptance, understanding, and endorsement from your parents. I am not asking you out because I am too much to the right of you philosophically and politically and age wise. Bu that is all not relevant to the fact that you are just a marvelaous holy Jewish woman and I d believe that you are a very kind loving person. G-D bless you. You are an inspiration. All the best and chag somach ! The other was: To The Woman with such a rich traits: warmth, chochmat halev, inquisitive mind., compassion and broadly open heart best wishes for a Happy Passover from all of us! Wow! Those are the best non-dating messages I could have ever received! Thanks guys, and may you continue to spread your kind words to others.


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