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Monday, April 18, 2005

How many Sweet Rose's does it take...

to change a light bulb?

Well, it was actually a bit more complicated than that. Last night, as I was cleaning for Pesach, the combination of doing laundry and running the vacuum caused the circuit for my bedroom, living room, and dining room to trip. Not one to panic in the face of a unexpected situation, I remembered that our circuit box is in the back of our furnace closet in the kitchen (luckily a part of the apartment that still had light). The problem is that it is in the BACK of the closet. And I am not tall. The circuit box is quite out of my reach. The last time this happened, we called maintenance and they took care of it. But this was Sunday night, and maintenance was off-duty. So, I did what any other woman who has been living on her own for quite a while and doesn't feel like sitting in the dark would do. I dragged a chair over, climbed up and reached my arm as far back as it would go. I felt around for the circuit that was not in the same position as the others (because it was too dark to see that far back). And I reset the circuit. All by myself. It only took one Sweet Rose. And now my apartment is all clean also.


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