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Monday, April 11, 2005

Can Work Be Rewarding?

Is there anyone out there who loves every aspect of their job? Has absolutely no complaints? They are doing what they love, and they don't have to engage in paperwork or boring, menial tasks, or something they just can't stand? And of the people who really love their jobs, do any of them get paid decently? Or is it a trade-off. I met several people this weekend who really love what they do (not every aspect, but most of it), are wonderful at it, are dedicated and care about those who are benefiting from it. But they are making so little money with no benefits that they are wondering whether it is worth it. It is really discouraging to see this. I am stuck in a job that I care very little about, I am working hard at night so that I can hopefully find a job that I find meaningful, but the prospect of it paying so little or having so many aspects to it that I don't like it is a bit daunting. I have always said that people spend too much time at work to hate what they are doing. I hope I can at least find a happy medium somewhere. Right now, while I am getting paid to be so bored that I don't even want to surf the Internet or look at more Frumster profiles (what a fun past-time by the way, there are some real doozies of profiles - Passionate Life will share them, I'm too nice), I hope that at the end of my long haul of school, I won't be disappointed. I just want a job that I care about, where I feel like I am making a difference to someone, somewhere. Is that too much to ask? (Sorry for the rant, I am just in one of those moods, hopefully I will cheer up in time for a much cheerier post tomorrow.)


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