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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Incredible Sensitivity

I was stunned yesterday. My professor shows such incredible sensitivity to my religious beliefs I am a bit embarrassed by the lack of respect Jews probably show to hers. Let me explain. First of all, this particular night class is one where we decided that one person would bring dinner for the entire class each week. Knowing how difficult it would be for the others to accommodate my kashrus issues, I told them not to worry about me. My professor insisted that I participate and told me that they would do what was necessary in order for me to be able to eat. When it was her turn to bring dinner, she called an Orthodox friend of hers, had her friend take her shopping, took everything back to her friend's house and made dinner in her friend's kitchen, using her friend's dishes, in order that I could eat. I was blown away then by the inconvenience that she went to in order to make it possible for me to feel a part of the class. Yesterday, when I realized I would be missing class because of Passover, I e-mailed this professor and asked her if she would mind if I had someone record the class for me, because I didn't want to miss her lecture (she actually teaches a lot during class). When I got to class last night, she asked me to explain exactly why I would be missing class. I explained to her that the first two days of Passover were holidays and I wouldn't be able to drive to class, take notes, etc. Her response to me was, "Well, should we cancel class then? That doesn't seem fair. We wouldn't have class on a Christian holiday, why should we have it on a Jewish one?" I honestly didn't know what to say. I have never had a teacher even consider canceling class because it was a Jewish holiday. Especially considering I am the only Jew in my entire class. She persisted. She said, "I'm serious. If this was a Jewish school, would we have class next Monday?" I replied to her honestly, "No." So she responded, "Okay, no class next week." I couldn't believe it. I was absolutely blown away by her handling of the situation. She put herself completely in my shoes, and refused to let me feel like I would be missing anything because of my religious beliefs. What an outstanding person. We should all show the same sensitivity.


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