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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Ramblin' On

I need a routine. I was so ready to get back to school and now almost the entire first week has been cancelled. I like being so crazy busy that I can't think. It keeps my mind away from the fact that I have no life. Ok, sorry, had to get that out. This weather is driving me crazy. I get very agitated when I am counting on something and it gets cancelled or postponed. I have had enough of winter. I hate bundling up everytime I go outside and having to clear off my car for fifteen minutes before I can go anywhere. Ok, a few happy thoughts. I have decided that one of the greatest inventions ever was the little Post-It sticky arrows that I have been using to mark great passages in the books I have been reading. Speaking of reading, I love the Odyssey. It is such a great story, with so much richness to it. So much more interesting than the Iliad, which was so full of war. I feel like the Odyssey puts so much more emphasis on the value of human companionship. The Iliad talks about "beloved companions" in regard to Achilleus and Patroklos, but the characters let their rage and pouting get in the way of taking care of each other. The entire Odyssey is about striving to reconnect with family and friends. The characters are constantly crying about the loss of their companions. I just find it to be so human. I am also reading The Pearl by John Steinbeck. I read it ages ago when I was in junior high I think. Steinbeck's language is absolutely beautiful. And he really describes his character's motives very interestingly. I can't remember how it ends, I will let you know. Okay, back to pretending like I am doing work.


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