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Isn't it pretty?

Tuesday, October 14, 2003


I think Alabama needs better PR. Having lived in Maryland for almost a year and a half now, I have had the unfortunate opportunity to hear my home state, Alabama being dissed over and over again. I consider myself to be an intelligent, well-educated, articulate person, and yes, I am from Alabama. I don't believe those things to be mutually exclusive. So, why is everyone so surprised when I tell them where I am from? Some contributions and contributors from Alabama are: NASA Marshall Space Flight Center Helen Keller Booker T. Washington Zelda Fitzgerald George Washington Carver Rosa Parks The University of Alabama at Birmingham (my alma mater, and an incredible medical school) and many more. I find that in any state, when you leave the big cities, you find rednecks and hicks and I am tired of people just associating that kind of behavior and ignorance with people from the South. The ignorance that I have heard from people about the South gives a case for my argument - lines about pickup trucks lined with AstroTurf and someone asking me if Alabama is close to California. So, Alabama, my advice to you is to stop advertising your worst and start promoting your best.


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