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Friday, October 10, 2003

Good Yom Tov

I have lots of issues rolling around in my head today, but none of them are very clearly thought out, so I thought I would just mention them quickly and not dwell on them. Protocols has a posting with lots of comments, some of them extremely distateful, discussing Orthodox Judaism and homosexuality. Rabbi Mitchell Wohlberg of Beth Tfiloh, a "Modern Orthodox" shul here in Baltimore, gave an interesting sermon during Kol Nidre that was meant to stir up a lot of controversy among his congregants and the Orthodox community at large. I wrote to my professor who I no longer have a crush on and accused him of adding stress to my life. He told me not to worry so much. Then he forwarded the e-mail to all the students in his classes (thankfully keeping my name out of it). Ok, so there was more to the e-mail than an accusation of stress. I might be back to having a little crush. I have a friend who I can't figure out. I feel that there is always more to the picture than she presents, and our interactions leave me more and more confused about her. I don't like the feelings she stirs within me. I feel like I am not a good person with my feelings towards her and it bothers me. Finally, I want to wish everyone a Good Yom Tov. Here's lots of information about Sukkot.


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