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Thursday, August 21, 2003

(Please excuse this post if it is less than eloquent. I had a very nice blog written and then my computer decided to crash on me) I feel the need to write something about the recent bombing in Israel. It hit me hard for a few different reasons. The first reason is simply that I can not relate to what would make a human being strap explosives to himself and kill himself along with many others, innocent children among the victims. And to say that a religion would tell you to do it! The second reason is that I can relate to what happened in a personal way. When I was in Israel, I spent a lot of time at the Kotel. It was the place I ran to for solace, support, comfort, to feel Hashem's presence. I credit my first trip to the Kotel as a huge stepping-off point for my journey towards Yiddishkeit. I never went to the Kotel where I did not leave feeling reassured that Hashem was out there, watching out for me, caring about me. To think of having that feeling and then, minutes later, being struck my a bomber, is something that I can't fathom. The other reason the bombing troubles me is that the bomber was dressed as a religious Jew. I heard a thought-provoking vort on this topic a few months ago. It was said that while the bombers are dressed like religious Jews on the outside, on the inside they hate Jews fo nothing other than the fact that they are Jewish. The thing is, maybe it is a reflection of many religious Jews, who dress the part to perfection, but hate other Jews who don't look the part, or are maybe not as religious as they themselves feel they are. They don't get to know other Jews as people, they just judge them as not being as worthy as they are, because of their religious level, as if evidenced by external appearances. I guess the point is that it is time to stop judging everyone on their outward appearances and realize that if someone is a Jew, they are worthy in Hashem's eyes of being a Jew, and that is enough. Please, Hashem, let these horrible bombings end soon.


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