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Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Radiate Positive Energy

I read this today and thought it was good enough to share. It comes from one of my favorite rabbis, Rabbi Zelig Pliskin. I know an individual who excelled in the ability to make people fell good about themselves. “What thoughts go through your mind when you meet someone new?” I asked him. “I always mentally bless people with success in what is important to them,” was the reply. When you wish people success in your mind, you radiate positive energy. Even though others don’t know exactly what you are thinking, they pick up positive energy. As King Solomon wrote “As water reflects a face back to face, so one’s heart is reflected back to him by another.” When your heart and mind generate positive energy, others feel good about themselves and good about you. All too many people think critical or negative thoughts about others. This is noticeable in the look in their eyes and their entire facial expression. With very critical people, the victims can feel very uncomfortable. How can these people change? They can begin by seeing the good in others and blessing them in their minds. Bless people in your mind whether they are people you know or people you are seeing for the first time. Whether they are people you especially like or you don’t for whatever reason. Whenever you see that someone has a troubled, worried, or sad look on his face, bless him in your mind. Wish him healing. Wish him solutions. Wish him joy. Some of the thoughts you can think are: “I wish this person much happiness.” “I wish this couple marital harmony and unity.” “I wish this person financial success.” (Upon seeing a person who is angry:) “I wish this person inner peace.” “I wish this person a healthy child.” “I wish this student success in his studies.” When one’s mind is full of blessings for others, the very first to benefit from those blessings is the one radiating those good wishes.


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