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Friday, August 01, 2003

What is the value of a good education?

To go to school or not to go to school, that is the question... And one I have been struggling with for the past five years. The question is, "Is it worth it for me to finish my degree?" Ideally, I will be married within the next six months, have a baby in the year after that, and never have to work again. Ha! Just kidding, even I wouldn't be happy with that situation. I want to work a bit when I get married and have kids, and I would prefer to have a job that I am suited for, and that makes use of my unique abilities and talents. The problems are: 1) I have a unique talent in math, and my current company would encourage that talent by paying for me to pursue actuarial studies. 2) I love psychology, which you can do absolutely nothing with if you have only a bachelor's degree. 3) I would like to be a school counselor, but a) could I handle the emotional toll, b) could I find a decent job doing it and c) is it really what it is cracked up to be? And further, I make more money now without a degree than I would make if I had a Bachelor's in Psychology and pursued doing what I want to do. So what do I do? More later. Ok, thought about this one a lot and have decided that I do want to go back to school and will just take it one step at a time. Right now the focus will be on finishing my Bachelor's in Psychology and then I will figure out where I want to go from there. The school of my choice: The University of Baltimore A good choice for me, because it keeps me from having to be in class with a bunch of 18-year olds who are two seconds out of high school. I decided to say "no" to studying the actuarial sciences because while I am very good at math, it is not something that I feel makes a difference in people's lives, and if I am going to pursue an actual career, I want it to be something that can make an impact on others, even just a person at a time. Wish me luck!


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