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Isn't it pretty?

Sunday, February 01, 2009


I don't know if anyone will even see this, I've neglected my blog for so long. I felt like my blog deserved one last post - after over five years of semi-regular writing, it didn't seem fair to abandon it without so much as a good-bye. So I guess this is good-bye.

I started writing because I was bored at my job. I've moved on from there and I can honestly say that I am very rarely bored where I am currently working.

When I started blogging, it was still kinda new. There was a limited number of blogs out there. Now it's ubiquitous, everyone has one or has had one. It's not unique, and I kinda like being different.

I used to write because it helped me clear my thoughts. Then a lot of people started reading and I found that I wasn't as open and honest as was helpful. I didn't want to get too personal or expose myself too much, so I hid. And it kind of lost its purpose.

I met a ton of great people through my writing, many of whom I consider friends today. That hasn't gone away, nor would I think that it has lost its potential.

I just don't feel like writing anymore. Through good and bad things that have happened, stressful times and happy times, I just don't feel the need, the urge, the push anymore. I'm not quite sure how I get my thoughts out of my head anymore, but writing just doesn't have the same allure. So I stopped. And it's fine. I actually don't miss it like I once thought I would.

So I guess I'm saying good-bye to my blog, though hopefully not to the friends I've made through my blog. I'll still be lurking in the shadows, reading posts here and there. But Sweet Rose is signing out.