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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silver Linings

I know I haven't been posting much lately. I think my blogging career is slowly eeking its way towards its end.

Regardless of that, I do have some slightly-delayed year-end observations and reflections that I thought I would share.

This year really pretty much sucked (I apologize to any readers with sensitivities to somewhat foul language). For so many reasons, my stress level was at a high. I was juggling a ton of responsibilities, I had to deal with some situations that I've never faced before and I felt lost in a lot of ways. I'm still dealing with a lot of it and struggling to find my way, though I feel like some things are at least a bit clearer now. Somewhat.

Through all this stress and confusion, one thing did become pretty clear to me, and that is who my friends really are and the fact that I am living in the right place. This past year, while I was the lowest and during those periods where I was dealing with some really difficult situations, people really came through. I had those people who checked in on me regularly just to make sure I was ok. I had people who were really there for me to talk to openly without judgment and with understanding. I had those who invited me over for Shabbos meals and even meals during the week just so I didn't have to be alone. These little things, that really weren't so little, meant a lot. New people and old people, I felt like relationships were redefined in many ways and I saw who I could really count on.

So at the outset of one of the more difficult years of my life, what I find is that I really do have a place and people who are there for me. That knowledge gives me some strength.


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