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Thursday, December 17, 2015


And every so often, that urge to write comes back...

Amazing that was able to even figure out how to get here.  I know blogging is kind of dead, but I miss getting my thoughts out - it used to help clarify in my mind what I was thinking and feeling.  So here I am - no promises of a resurrection, nor any declarations of this being a one-time thing.  We'll just take it as it goes...

So, my life these days - I have two crazy, insane boys.  I have a husband of 6-1/2 years.  I own a house, a minivan, and more coats than I ever thought I would need.  I search to find the lowest price on diapers and know the names of more Thomas trains than I ever knew existed.  I haven't slept through the night, nor slept past 5:15 am, in over four years.  I spend my Sundays at the zoo, or playgrounds, or kids' birthday parties.

I also have a full-time job that I love, despite it being involving a field I never, ever imagined I would be in, or be successful in.  I work with a fantastic group of people and know how insanely lucky I am to have the opportunities I have been given.

I don't change peoples lives as I thought I would.  I don't keep in touch with my friends as I always swore I would.  I don't go out at night anymore. I don't see movies, or engage in artistic endeavors or go to museums.  There are a lot of things I don't do, that I always thought I would.  But that's ok.

I do read lots of books, and I receive dozens of pieces of artwork weekly. I also receive fierce hugs and kisses when I venture as far as the bathroom.  My walking into a room can inspire a stampede.  There are a lot of things I never expected would be so meaningful.

My husband and I often talk about our philosophy on life, and what we think is important.  Luckily, we are very much on the same page on most things, despite being extremely different people in general.  We speak about those things we want to impart upon our children - things like doing the right thing even when it's not necessarily easy, being nice to everyone we meet, and giving.  Making our home a place where everyone feels welcome, not just those who are pretty or popular or easy.

Life is a work in progress.  Every day I hope that I make a little progress...some days I don't. But I do my best.


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