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Monday, November 08, 2004


I love meeting people who make me think. I was at my favorite place yesterday when I got into a conversation with a photographer from the Washington Post. We were discussing different time periods when people lived with a lot less than we typically do today. He mentioned something about immigrants living three families to a tiny apartment, sharing a bathroom down the hall, living off a few dollars a week. And they were grateful for what they had. He said that was one time period he would love to be able to travel to and take pictures of. I made a comment about how I think it would be fascinating to see those times, but how I sure am glad that I don't live in them. He said that he guessed it was all a matter of perspective. Today, people in many parts of the world live with so much less than we in America assume is our right to minimally have. There are many countries where people live without things we completely take for granted, such as indoor plumbing or several pieces of clothing. It really made me think about myself. I don't consider myself to be materialistic, and I feel I am not terribly spoiled in comparison to most of the people I know. Money is not the focus of my life or the reason for what I do. But when it really comes down to it, when I think about those things that people live without or those things that so many in this world would be incredibly grateful to have, I really do take so much for granted, and am unbelievably spoiled. It was an eye-opening conversation, and one that I hope to keep in mind for a long time to come.


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