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Monday, October 25, 2004

I'm Blaming it on Monday

Weekends are never long enough. This past weekend especially. I did manage to ignore the fact that I have responsibilities (mainly in the form of grocery shopping and studying) that are way overdue, but other than that, I feel I hardly accomplished anything this weekend. Mondays are really the worst though. With the annoying blare of my alarm clock which continually ignores my pleas to stop ringing in my ear,

I drag myself out of bed on Mondays, not quite ready to face the day, but unable to prolong it for fear of being late to work. This morning, I got myself up, went through my usual morning routine, and pulled into my gleaming white shirt (gleaming only because I finally remembered to add bleach to the wash to erase the numerous stains I had managed to color my shirt with).

I admired the fact that bleach works so well and my shirt was back to its natural white state. I made my way to work, sat down with my morning essential caffeine infusion, and no sooner had I taken my first sip when - SPLASH!

Coffee all over my clean white shirt. Oh yeah, that's why my mom wouldn't buy me anything white for the first, how many years?, oh yeah, she still won't buy me anything white. You would think I would grow out of it one of these days - probably just in time for me to have kids of my own that will spill all of their drinks all over me. I am blaming it on the fact that it is Monday and to keep the blame plausible, my new rule is that I am not allowed to wear white shirts on any other days - I wouldn't want to think it has something to do with me! I will give Monday credit for one thing though (important to always find a silver lining) - I am having a great hair day!


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