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Wednesday, October 20, 2004


Ok, I must admit that I am fairly uninterested in politics, and have not kept myself completely informed about what is going on in the presidential race. I still have not decided who I am going to vote for, because I tend to be very middle-of-the-road about politics. I want to vote, because I do value the fact that I have the right to; and as a female, I know how long and hard women of the past fought for me to have this right, and I don't think it is proper for me to just throw it by the wayside. However, I want to be an informed voter. So, here is your, my blog reader's, opportunity to inform me as to why I should vote for either candidate.

The rules are these - 1) Your argument must be based on issues. 2) No bashing the other candidate - that loses points for your side! 3) This is not a debate on my blog, just your chance to tell me why you think one candidate is worth the vote over the other, please don't fight! 4) No lying - I want facts that I can go back and verify. Thank you for your help in informing me about the election! If you feel your argument for a side would be too long to post in the comments, you can e-mail me.


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