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Wednesday, December 31, 2003


The topic of potential has come up and I have a few thoughts on it. I guess the big question is whether we are obligated to fulfill our potential or not. I feel like if I followed the direction that my potential leads, I would end up in a field that I care extremely little about. Just because I am good at something doesn't necessarily mean that I enjoy it. But is it fair to have talents that we don't make the most of? And what about people who have so many talents, and unlimited potential, how can they possibly fulfill everything opportunity that they have open to them? I guess I want it both ways, I want to be able to use what I have to the best of my abilities but I want to enjoy doing it. And I don't know if those go together. I have a real talent for math. But I don't enjoy it the way that I enjoy so many other things. So I have turned away from calculus and engineering and being an actuary, because I can't handle the thought of devoting my life to something so clear-cut and dry. But I have come to love literature, even though I don't feel like I could go as far in that field and I don't think I have as much innate talent for it. So do I go for what my potential dictates or my passion?


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