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Isn't it pretty?

Friday, December 19, 2003


I got my first official grade from this past semester, and it is an A. Yea! Hard work paying off. I also got these comments from my professor: You are an enthusiastic, clear, concise, and penetrating thinker, and I am certain that you will greatly succeed in whatever you choose to do. You'll be a great student without even trying, though I know you'll try anyway. Don't ever sell yourself short. Know who and what you are now, and when you know who you want to be, aim for that. I have to admit, that made me feel very good. Tonight is Chanukah. I have to admit that I love seeing all the flames burning, they are really pretty. But it is more than that, I think. Chanukah is a holiday that we always celebrated growing up, and the majority of Jews still celebrate. Maybe it is because it is around the same time as other holidays and parents don't want their children to feel left out. But to me, even though it is not such a big holiday religiously, it means a lot that so many Jews are celebrating the holiday. It is what the holiday is all about, the tenacity of the Jews, even when they are being ravaged by other nations, they stick together and stand out from the crowd. It really is a beautiful message and I hope that even those Jews who celebrate Chanukah with a menorah alongside a tree will continue to hold onto that special spark that resides within each of us. Happy Chanukah!


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