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Friday, December 12, 2003

It's Friday

I just read a very interesting dvar Torah for this week's parsha at Aish.com. School is almost over for the semester - what a ride it has been! I had no idea that one semester would make such a difference in my life. In the matter of sixteen weeks, I feel like I have learned an innumerable amount about statistics, literature, human nature, personality types, and oh yeah, myself too. I am proud of the fact that it looks like I will receive A's in all of my classes. I am more proud of the fact that I really feel like I have earned those A's, that I have worked extremely hard for once in my life and gained so much from the effort I have put in. I feel like this semester has made me a better thinker and writer. I think it has taught me to critically question the world around me and the things that we are asked to take for granted. It has taught me that there are so many different people out there, but at heart, we have so much in common, and those things in common have not changed over generations and generations. I feel like a whole new world has been opened to me, and I think I am, in many ways, a new person because of it. I have decided that it is good to expose yourself to new thoughts and perspectives. In doing so, I believe your own views and beliefs can be reinforced and enhanced in so many ways. I thank Hashem for teaching me so many lessons this semester, inside the classroom and out.


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