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Friday, December 26, 2003

Day Off

I have the day off and don't feel like thinking too hard, so no book reviews for me today. I have been playing with the colors on my blog, and I know that they look pretty bad right now, but I have been having fun. Thanks to Josh for giving me a quick tutorial on what the color codes mean. As good Jews are wont to do, I had chinese food and went to the movies last night. I went to see the movie Mona Lisa Smile. I enjoyed it, though I wish movies would learn to be a little less predictable. I found the premise interesting. A happy-to-be single female professor in the mid-50's teaching at an all-girl's college (Wellesley) and the challenge of letting girls know that there is a life beyond marriage. Hmm, something to think about, maybe. In other news, my apartment is becoming so pretty and clean, it looks almost new. I am in the middle of making challah, which I just love. I begged my friends to let me make it for Shabbos dinner, I guess I was feeling the need to take out my frustrations on some flour, water and yeast. No really, I just really enjoy putting effort into something that turns out so pretty and yummy. Have a good Shabbos!


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