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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Can't Stay Away

Ok, must admit that I obviously can't live without my Internet, even in the Holy Land. I am in the Internet cafe that Ezzie suggested, in the Central Bus Station, which is very close to where I am staying. I couldn't stay away from all the blogs that I usually read - too much going on out their in Blogland without me! Anyway, let it just suffice to say that I am having a wonderful trip, have seen so many cool things, and taken TONS of pictures, many of which will hopefully adorn this blog sometime next week when I get back. Been running myself ragged going all over Jerusalem with a special site to see each day. I have to say though, one of the things I missed the most was walking through Jerusalem, all day and night. I can't even count how many miles I have logged walking through since I have gotten here - good thing I bought new sneakers before I left! Don't want to ruin future blog posts with what I have been doing, so I will close here. Be back on Monday, stay tuned then for much, much more!


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