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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Tagged - Simple Pleasures

These tags never seem to end, but this one I really like, so thanks to Lvnsm27 at A bit of Light for tagging me. 5 Simple Pleasures - - Hearing my friend's children, who barely know how to talk, say my name. Additionally, seeing their faces go from that scared, shy look to one of recognition and having them come over and take me by the hand to show me their toys or crawl into my lap to be read to. - Being with friends and catching myself in a "moment." One of those moments where you just realize that you are really happy and enjoying yourself, surrounded by those you love. - Ice cream with hut fudge. And whipped cream. And a cherry. - Being curled up in bed, under my favorite blanket, all cozy, when I know it's really cold outside. It was even better when I had my cat and he would cuddle up with me, purring until he fell asleep in my lap. - Walking outside in nature on a day my old roommate would call a "perfect tznius day" (of which we determined there are approximately four such days a year). Just strolling through, maybe sitting down in the shade of trees, appreciating the beautiful world around us. Okay, that's my five for today (I am sure I will think of a ton more later). Feel free to leave your simple pleasures in the comments. As for tagging, I don't usually, but I think I have to get back at Ezzie for having tagged me in the past and I'd like to see the aforementioned old roommate's simple pleasures. Anyone else who wants to consider themselves tagged, go for it!


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