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Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Emotional Intelligence

The new topic that we are discussing in one of my classes is emotional intelligence. I am not sure I buy the concept so much, but I am beginning to worry, I think mine might be fairly low. If you base it on the criteria of knowing what your emotions are, why you are having them, and dealing with them on a constructive basis, I am not sure I would score so high. I have to delve very deeply to try to figure out what I feel about stuff, and even when I do, I am not always sure where my emotions are coming from. Of course, I don't have too much to compare to either, I haven't read enough of the book yet to see where most people are, maybe I am totally normal and being hard on myself. If I am low in emotional intelligence, I might have to come up with some way to compensate. Maybe my cookie-baking skill can make up for it.


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