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Sunday, April 22, 2007

JIB Awards

I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to the Jewish and Israel Blog Award nominations. The voting starts at 10 PM tonight (Eastern Time), so get ready.

I just wanted to mention a couple awards that I think are worthy of voting for.

Kindness Happens is nominated for both Best Group Blog and for Best Contribution/Blog that Made a Difference. It's a project that I'm very proud of, and am extremely happy to have over 20 contributors on board (and would love to welcome more - if you'd like to join, feel free to e-mail me) and I think it deserves a vote.

Additionally, I'm touched by the fact that Chana thought my blog was worthy of a nomination for Best Personal Blog. If you agree with her, you can cast your vote for my blog.

In general, the awards are a great way to learn about some new, great blogs that are out there. Take a minute to look over those that are nominated and enjoy your reading!


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