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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virginia Tech Shootings

I've had a few posts in mind to write, but in light of the horrible news from Virginia Tech, I can't bring myself to write about other topics. Reading what information has been gleaned this morning in the New York Times, I'm struck with the horror of this disaster.

I have an old, close friend who used to live in Blacksburg with her now ex-husband and who still has many, many friends there. I received an e-mail from her yesterday evening, assuring everyone that she and everyone that she knows is, thank G-d, okay. It was a relief to hear this from her, to know that I didn't have a personal connection with the horror. And then in the next moment, it didn't seem like such a relief. Because even though I didn't have a personal connection, there are still 33 people who died yesterday.

In reading the details of the incident, I'm struck by many thoughts. I started writing about my thoughts, but I can't articulate them very well. Because the fact is, when it comes down to it, all the reports and details and words can't really encapsulate the horror of these murders and the loss of lives and the emotional devastation that is going to linger on.

So, all I have to say is, I'm horrified by the news and my heart and thoughts are will the many who were affected by the killings.


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