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Wednesday, June 28, 2006


I don't have words to express how I feel about what's going on in Israel right now. Even though I don't have words, I still wanted to post something, just to show how important I think it is for us all to have Israel and those who are fighting, and captured, and scared, in the forefront of our minds and at the tops of our list of those to pray for. Other bloggers like Jameel and Ze'ev do a much better job than I can at keeping you posted about what's going on, so please stay tuned to their blogs, and pray a lot. Update: I'm not ignoring the comments, but I just don't have words to respond. At the excellent suggestion by the writers of the JBlogosphere, I've added the "Always thinking of Israel" icon on the right, to show that my thoughts, prayers and concern are in Israel these days.


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