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Monday, June 19, 2006

The Important Papers Box

After almost a year in New Jersey, I decided that it's time to make it official - I am going to get my New Jersey driver's license and plates for my car. (Okay, this wasn't such a decision on my part, it was more about the fact that my Maryland plates are about to expire, so I have no choice). New Jersey requires all kinds of documents in order to make this change, so this morning when I woke up at my usual annoyingly early hour, I decided to try to find them. I'm not the most organized person in the world, but I do keep documents that I feel might be of significance in a file box I call my "important papers box." This is where I deposit insurance records, tax returns, and thankfully, the title for my car. My "important papers box" had a couple file folders in it; unfortunately they are neither labeled nor utilized, they are just in there hanging out with the rest of my stuff. Going through that box made me feel like I was going through my past. Every time i go through it, I realize that I have forgotten what I keep in there. Not only official documents, but also the sentimental items that I haven't wanted to discard over the years. Having moved so many times, I've been forced to limit my repository of meaningful cards and photos, but in that "important papers box" I found quite a few this morning. I discovered cards from old bosses who were sad to see me leave over the years. I found a card from my mom for my college graduation last year. I stumbled upon a little cat pin that the receptionist at my job in Atlanta gave me, just because (I really should e-mail her to see how she is doing). I unearthed pictures of me and my brothers spanning the years during my annual visits to Alabama (and those great Niagara Falls shots that I remember fondly from a July 4th not too many years ago). Some letters and more cards from friends, souvenirs from good dates, my passport (which I need to get my new drivers license). Lots of little mementos from years past - it's really amazing what I have managed to stuff in that box. I realized that the box, while not so big physically, is gigantic with memories of my life and years past. I didn't think I was sentimental, but I guess I really am, it just stays hidden in that "important papers box." I think the treasures inside are much more important than my insurance records - they are my life.


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