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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


I finally got around to seeing the movie Ushpizin last night. I had many reactions to it. First of all, the most superficial reaction I had was that I can't wait to be in Israel. Seeing Jerusalem in the movie, hearing the Hebrew (and even being able to understand a little of it) got me so excited. I was a little disappointed because the movie is set during Sukkos, and I would love to be Israel for Sukkos, but I am not complaining at all - I can't wait to see all the beautiful menorahs during Chanukah. So watching the movie really reinvigorated my excitement and anticipation for my trip. Watching the movie really brought back memories of being in Israel. It really is such an amazing place, and there are certain holy characteristics that are naturally brought out by the Holy Land. The sincerity, the faith, the lack of materialism. The incredible piousness that flows from living Torah, and the amazing hospitality and sense of family that flows from Israel's inhabitants makes its way straight to the core of one's being. All of these were illustrated in Ushpizin. I don't want to give away the whole movie, but the couple at the heart of Ushpizin showed such incredible faith in Hashem throughout the entire movie. Whenever difficult things came their way, instead of blaming others, they took it as a lesson for themselves. A lesson and a gift from Hashem to work on themselves and strengthen their character. They are both baalei teshuvahs and the lessons they learned in becoming religious were very obviously ingrained in their hearts. They believed in Hashem, plain and simple. Every time any difficulty or fortune came to them, the first thing in their mind was Hashem's plan and thankfulness to Him. They completely trusted that whatever would happen, was in His hands, and that He would take care of them, and provide whatever they needed. I don't know if I could ever be on that level. So, in that way, it was truly inspiring to see this couple, who I have no doubt have many, many others just like them living in Israel, and their simple faith in God. They were human, and they struggled, and they didn't always do the right thing. But they persevered, and refused to give up. They worked on themselves and their relationship with Hashem. It was a beautiful movie, and I am really happy I saw it.


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