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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Heading South

I'm heading out to Alabama tomorrow to spend Thanksgiving with my family. I haven't been with them for Thanksgiving in several years, and this year things are a bit different. My grandparents recently moved to Birmingham, it's my grandmother's 80th birthday. So several of my great-aunts and uncles are coming in to celebrate. And it's all a big surprise - my grandparents know nothing about it! So, it should be a happy, fun occasion. I don't go home so often anymore. It's far, I don't have so much vacation time from work and school, and it's difficult trying to keep kosher and keep Shabbos while I am there, since my family is not religious. But I do what I can, and my mom tries to be as helpful as possible. As I was talking to my mom last night about the trip, she told me such an amazing thing. A friend of the family, who I was very close with when I lived there, who is actually our pediatrician as well, bought my mom a second microwave. Just so I would be able to use it without a problem, when I visit once a year or so. What incredible sensitivity and kindness, I was really blown away by her thoughtfulness. It's also always weird being in Birmingham, which used to be my stomping ground, because it's not so much my home anymore. I haven't lived there in so long, and the homes I lived in are no longer a part of my family. Things have changed so much since I have lived there, it always startles me to see that things keep going even while I am gone. I am excited to see everyone - my brothers are awesome and I don't spend nearly enough time with them. They are just so much fun. And I have my big adventure planned - stay tuned for details of that one. I have lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. I have my friends and family. I am heading towards warmer weather, a nice and needed reprieve before the real winter sets in. And I have lots of blessings that come my way every day. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving everyone!


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