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Monday, April 05, 2004


Just a few quick words about Pesach... Pesach is about freedom. Freedom is an interesting concept. When you try to define it, you kind of get stuck. Because along with freedom comes responsibility. And when you are responsible for anything, then you are limiting your freedom in some way. Pesach is all about freedom. Pesach celebrates when the Jews were finally free from slavery in Egypt, but in order to free themselves from this slavery, they accepted the responsibility of serving Hashem, of Torah and commandments. It is an interesting juxtaposition. Knowledge is similar - because when you have knowledge, you gain freedom - freedom to choose which path you want to take, but there is also such a great responsibility that comes with knowledge, because then you can't ignore the fact that you are making a choice, and you have the responsibility to make the correct choice. It is sometimes hard to decide whether you want the knowledge that leads to freedom, and choices, because the choices that come about because of the knowledge are not always easy ones. Just as leaving Egypt came with great hardship and responsibility, but also freedom, we must every day decide whether we want our knowledge, and the subsequent freedom and responsibility that comes with it. This year, may we all make the correct decisions, accept the responsibility of our freedom, and be able to internalize the messages that Pesach gives us.


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