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Monday, March 29, 2004

The Art of Argumentation

I have discovered that I really like arguing. Ok, so it is not such a new discovery. But I spent this weekend in lively debates with several different people and I found that I really enjoyed myself. Now, I am talking about a very specific form of arguing. I don't enjoy confrontational, hurtful, attacking fights at all. What I am talking about is an intellectual debate about topics where each participant in the "argument" brings to the table points which have valid support behind them. An argument where the people involved might be talking about a topic that touches them on an emotional level, but they don't get emotionally hurt during the discussion. Where the idea is what is being attacked, not the people who are involved in the discussion. I am not sure why I enjoy arguing so much, because in general I don't find myself to be a confrontation, hard-to-get-along-with person. I do have strong opinions, and I won't hesitate to bring them to light, providing I am in the right environment. But I don't pick fights just for the sake of fighting, and if I am in a situation where I don't think the argument will be listened to, or if I feel like it will cause someone to be hurt, I don't bother. But I really love finding someone with whom I can argue intellectually, who won't walk away personally hurt afterwards, and who actually does think about what we talked about. I like arguing with a person who doesn't take the argument personally, they take the argument as a mental challenge and a way to explore a topic more thoroughly. I like arguing because I learn so much about another person's view and through the argument, can learn a lot about where I stand on a particular topic as well. I really love the feeling of bringing a point to light that the other person hasn't thought about before. I think I like making other people think. I wonder what my appreciation of argumentation says about me?


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