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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Animal Lovers

I find it very interesting when I meet a person who seems to like animals more than they like people. I have a co-worker who doesn't get along with most of the people she comes in contact with. It is rare that I have a conversation with her in which she doesn't point out all the flaws in someone else's character. She is consistently rude, abrasive and confrontational to those around her. This woman has very few friends, no intimate relationship, and has been disowned from her family. She was telling me about a stray cat that someone in our building found. She told me that tonight she is going to go to the pet store and buy this stray cat food, toys and a bed. She is then going to come to our office tomorrow, pick up the cat, take it to her vet's office and give her vet $50 to find the cat a good home. Why is it that she can treat animals so well, but people so poorly? A possible reason is because animals are easier - they don't talk back, they can't hurt you like humans can, as long as you give them food, they probably won't reject you for being too ugly, or fat, or anything else. But there is so much that humans can give you that animals can't. Humans can truly care about you, rather than about their next meal. Humans give you the interaction that is necessary to go about your life. Maybe animals are safe, and that is why she can give to them easier than she can give to people. But I feel like she is really missing out by giving herself to animals rather than people. I think if she would treat people the way she treats animals, she would have a much easier time getting along with them.


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