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Friday, February 13, 2004

Parshas Yisro

This week we read the parsha where Hashem gives the Jewish people the Ten Commandments. It is said that all Jewish souls were present at Mount Sinai at this time. That is, all the Jewish souls that then existed and will ever exist in the future. In other words, I was there at Mount Sinai. Wow. Obviously, I don't remember being there, but I think a tiny spark must come through. Why else would so many people still be Jewish, when it is not exactly easy or desirable to stand separately from everyone? I think it is so amazing that Hashem and the Jews made a deal, shook hands, and have stuck by it for so long. It says a lot about the two participants of the deal. I was told last night that I was going to get myself in trouble for asking so many questions. Not in trouble with anyone in particular, but that I was going to start doubting myself and what I believe in. But I think that the opposite is true. I think the act of questioning and seeking answers causes me to reaffirm my beliefs. Maybe I don't love all the answers I find, but searching for them makes me learn more. I have to believe that Hashem would not have put a framework into place that couldn't hold up to my questions. Hmmm, lots of thinking to do.


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