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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Return of the Finger Bruise

Okay, so the bruise on the inside of my finger has been gone for a while now. I guess my finger decided that it could handle being in school and realized that I wasn't going to stop using it just because it chose to become discolored at random intervals. But last night I am looking at my hand, and there is a very angry-looking purple bruise on the side of my pinky finger. I have no idea where it came from. It only decides to hurt on occasion. But, boy is it ugly. My poor hand. This bruise is in addition to the huge bruise on the back of my hand where I walked into the handle on the shower door and the many paper cuts and cat scratches that array the rest of my fingers. Is it asking too much to have a hand that doesn't look like I have been in battle? I work in a professional office, and go to school. The most manual of labor that I do is carrying my backpack from my car to class. It is not such a rough life. Yet, by looking at my bruised and scarred hands, you would think I have been through eight wars and dig ditches for a living. I hope that the guy I am looking for isn't insistent on having a girl who has perfectly manicured fingers at all times, because I have news, it ain't gonna happen here. Oh well, things could be worse, right? It could be my face that has such problems. Oh wait, I do keep banging my head into stuff. Never mind.


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