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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Inferiority Complex

I have a new post up at Beyond BT - check it out: Inferiority Complex


  • I'll have to choose my words carefully here...

    I think the way a BT reacts to people who were raised in religious schools from birth depends largely on the personality of the BT. I'm sure that there are plenty of people out there who feel as you do - that sense of inferiority and belief that there is a very large gap between your knowledge base and that of someone who was raised observant.

    But I've also seen the opposite. I've seen people who became frum in right wing yeshivas (Ohr Somayach and Aish, for example), who leave with an outright sense of superiority over people who were raised observant from birth but who are not as far to the right as them. I've seen people start wearing black hats (or at least black felt kippot) who look down with disdain on anyone wearing a knitted kippah because that's the attitude conveyed by their rebbeim.

    I don't want to generalize. We all have our own anecdotes, our own experiences which serve to color our perceptions. And I hope that you manage to kick that sense of inferiority, Soshana, because from everything I've seen you're articulate, knowledgeable, and willing to ask tough questions. But given my experience with other BTs, when I hear you call for less humility and more confidence, my immediate reaction is "oh please, no."

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1/10/07, 11:04 AM  

  • LT -
    Point taken. I think there are many on the right, both FFB and BT, who look down on those who are "more modern" than themselves, and honestly, I think there are many, both FFB and BT, who look down on those who are "more yehshivish" than themselves, for various reasons. The point of my article was really that BTs should not be afraid to question what they hear, from whoever they hear it, and search for their own answers. And I like to think that I am over most of my inferiority complex (and am trying to make sure I don't get a swollen head :)

    By Blogger Shoshana, at 1/10/07, 12:39 PM  

  • As long as you're not afraid to ask questions- you'll be fine.

    I always say that most of us FFB's are FFH Frum From Habit and hanging out with BT's always gives me the biggest chizuck!!!

    Would I have chosen to be frum if I wasn't- I don't know! All I know is; BT's are amazing people.
    You are too!

    By Blogger kasamba, at 1/11/07, 2:30 PM  

  • great, thoughtful post. it addressed a many things on a personal level. thank you.

    By Blogger Maven, at 1/15/07, 7:16 AM  

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