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Sunday, August 06, 2006

In My New Home

I'm blogging from my new home. It feels good and will be even better once I get unpacked. Two issues from the move, if anyone can help - 1) I can't get my wireless internet to work. It will connect, but then when I try to open any pages, I get an error message. If anyone knows anything about configuring these things (because I know virtually nothing) I would love the help. 2) We couldn't manage to get my box spring up my stairs. So I am left with only a mattress. If anyone has any suggestions for putting a bed together with no boxspring, let me know. It was quite a weekend, including the Beyond BT Shabbaton, where I met quite a few faces behind the posts and comments I have been reading for some time. Will write more about it later, for now, I'm going to go rest my tired self.


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